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The Great races

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Watch our videos and some interesting movies of others as well:

Images from Takk taken with a High Speed Camera (60 frames per second.) Thank's Alice van Kempen!

'Teach the essentials'(funny!)
Trailer La Grande Odyssée 2013
Finnmarksløpet 2011, Alta (Noorwegen)
MUSH Trailer from Alex Stein
Lowlandstrail during the Pampa Sleddog Race 2010.
Lowlandstrail at the rainy Pampa training 2010.
Sled dog examination by Tim Hunt. - Harestua Norway 2010.
Sled dog examination sore wrist by Tim Hunt. - Harestua Norway 2010.
Sled dog examination shoulder injure by Tim Hunt. - Harestua Norway 2010.
How to pack your Iditarod sled.
Finish of Ralph Johannessen, winner of FL1000.
Grande Odyssée 2010 Promo.
That's Mushing ! - TRAILER.
Lowlandstrail team during Pampa training (Thks, Bert Kelchtermans).
Robert Sørlie about our Skogen's Ruby as one of his 2007 Iditarod dogs.
Lowlandstrail autumn training november 2009
Lowlandstrail trainings run april 2009