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Over time we will upload more and more pictures. We have minimized the size of the pictures because of webspace limitations: therefore it won't work to copy or download a picture from the site and enlarge it - the file becomes blurred. Should you wish to receive the original picture file (small poster size), please contact us, giving us the number(s) of the picture(s) you want. This number can be found in the title bar of your browser; it's the last bit of the html file name and should look like this: 6\05en.htm. We will send you the requested file(s) by reply e-mail or mail a CD-Rom.

La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc 2013 (France)
Femundlopet 2011, Roros (Norway)
Finnmarkslopet 2011, Alta (Norway)
Fall training early october
Kick-off training 2010-2011
Summer 2010 - just some nice pics
Pups Alta x Macho - summer 2010
Finnmarkslopet 2010, Alta (Norway)
December '09 pictures: snow fun and training
Skogen's Ruby x Takk - 9 puppies born on 17.06.2009